Travelers name

Hello my name is Inna,

Born in a small village of Mihailovka Moldova.  In the year of 2000, our family of five moved to the beautiful land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. Eleven years later I graduated high school. At 18, I had everything… Church, parents, home, a car, clothes, friends, But yet something was missing.

Little girl lost, thought no way will I ever be “good “ enough, so what’s the point. I was embraced by the devil and his false love. Through that embracing I became a different person, the queen of lies, the Queen of Jezebel.

For many years, lies gave birth to thousands more. My world descended into a hell filled with drug addiction, alcohol, and abuse, chained by the power of darkness without a way out. Yet when I cried out to God in the pit of utter darkness, a moment of life and death, HOPE arrived to give me a second chance.

Today, I am passionate about one thing and one thing only.  A desire for not one to perish but to have everlasting life.

You're invited!


Although not everyone may have the same opportunity to physically go into the mission field but everyone can take part in the great commision of spreading the Gospel - Good News here at home and to the ends of the earth by....  1. Praying for gospel laborers,    2. Sharing your faith with everyone around you   3. Supporting financially those missionaries who are in the mission field. 

Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner and supporting the Malashenko family directly. 



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