Roma & Vera Malashenko

Ever since I was little I had this desire to help others and travel while I'm doing it. I just feel like it's my calling.

My life mission is to be in Christ, and to follow and love Him with all your soul, heart, mind and strength.

I just hope and pray that the Lord will use me for His kingdom, to go a share the good news with others.

You're invited!


Although not everyone may have the same opportunity to physically go into the mission field but everyone can take part in the great commision of spreading the Gospel - Good News here at home and to the ends of the earth by....  1. Praying for gospel laborers,    2. Sharing your faith with everyone around you   3. Supporting financially those missionaries who are in the mission field. 

Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner and supporting the Malashenko family directly. 



Letters from the mission field...